APEX for cRio

Simplify Connectivity To CompactRIO With APEX

What Is NI CompactRIO?

CompactRIO is a reconfigurable embedded control and acquisition system. The CompactRIO system's rugged hardware architecture includes I/O modules, a reconfigurable FPGA chassis, and an embedded controller. Additionally, CompactRIO is programmed with NI LabVIEW graphical programming tools and can be used in a variety of embedded control and monitoring applications.

Understanding the CompactRIO Platform

CompactRIO, is used to develop deterministic and model predictive control systems. CompactRIO is designed for applications in harsh environments. Temperature ranges of -40 degrees C to 70 degrees C (-40 degrees F to 158 degrees F), 50g shock rating, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and environmental certifications and ratings are available with CompactRIO.

APEX for cRio

APEX for NI CompactRIO

Simplify? Connectivity to NI CompactRIO in multi-cable or large channel count applications.

APEX for cRio

Consolidate CompactRIO I/O connections with the high performance APEX connector.

Use the Easy Cable tool to simply cable design and purchase. APEX will simplify connectivity by:

  • Providing a rugged one-interconnect solution that supports all signal types
  • Reducing system integration time and costs
  • Improving reliability for field service applications
  • Eliminating conventional wiring harnesses

APEX Benefits

  • Contacts are rated at 5amps, up to 20 awg and for 20,000 cycles
  • Sockets designed for both pcb and wired applications
  • Strongest male contact in a fine pitch (0.100") connector
  • 156 and 260 pin configuration options
  • The contact is 4 times stronger than any of the competition making it ideal for high reliability, high performance applications

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